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About Scimatix

Where there are marks to turn around, you'll find us there. We exist because there are many students waiting to have their GENIUS unlocked. But not in a one size fits all kind of way. Scimatix tutors understand that every learner is unique therefore, so should be the tutoring style applied to each learner. 

If you've been told that you can't improve your marks, then we're the right tutors for you.

If you want that extra 10% to get a distinction in Math, Science, Accounting, Business Studies, Economics or English, then we're the right tutors for you.

If you're just looking for a bunch of people to study and laugh with at our Study Centre, then we're the right tutors for you. 

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Matric Rewrite Classes!!

"Sometimes life gives you a second chance, even two"

Scimatix Tutor.

Let our professional tutors help you improve your matric marks.


on your                   program!!

A Packed Program To Make It Easy To Start The New Grade!

Program Ran From

6 to 10 January 2020

3rd floor, 

353 Festival street,

Hatfield, Pretoria

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