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Four constructive steps to effective studying

Studies show that a simple change of environment can have a 16% effect on performance. With circumstances and conditions being so extraordinary, finding and implementing ways to be effective in studying becomes a highly crucial task to salvaging the academic year.

Small yet effective tips that can be helpful in getting your brain in gear for studying include: Establishing a routine, incorporating all the things you aim to complete in a day, whether it be; exercise, recreational, family time or leisure.

Cell phones are the catalyst for inescapable procrastination- having periods of time during the day where your phone is out of reach, aids in minimizing possible distractions.

Switching off- We underestimate how much of what occurs externally, is subconsciously absorbed and impactful on our thoughts and actions. Take time off social media platforms, reduce your intake of the news and check up on your friends.

These micro escapes prove to be fruitful and imperative in channeling your focus to studying, using the four steps soon to be mentioned.

Anas Nuur Ali, now a junior doctor, created a remarkable "How-To" video, primarily discussing the four steps to enhancing focus and inducing a steady productive flow. The four steps are:

1. Clarity

Clarity of goal- micro goals (what you intend to achieve within the study session) and macro goals (the final outcome that you desire, like attaining a distinction for the module for example), should be set concisely.

2. Challenge

The goal and task need to be challenging enough to not only maintain flow but also,to increase skills. It should be "a medium challenge with medium skills" endeavor (seek the video for a more in depth explanation).

3. Distraction is the enemy!

Distraction is the enemy!

4. It takes time

It does take time to comfortably adjust to not only a rigorous routine but also diligent studying that continuously fends off the urge to resist and just slump about.

Regardless of how tedious and endless the prospect of studying sounds, it is inevitable. Every student desires the ability to effortlessly summon motivation, productivity and consistency. However, difficulty doesn't preclude the possibility of effective studying.

Link to the "How-To" video:

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