Updated: Apr 12, 2020

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic , there has been a rapid surge towards online learning. Many students and parents are concerned as to which method of learning is best, physical classes or online learning. I honestly can't say I lean this way or that way here, I'm still caught at whether should education even remain conventional. Are there alternatives? I digress. Now here are some of the differences between online and physical learning.

Online learning thrives on convenience, ranging from the flexibility of your time table, to easy access to lectures, being able to revisit recorded lectures for revision and easier access to abroad learning as everything is done online  - no borders crossed, no customs. Not forgetting the added benefit of weeding off of unnecessary expenses such as the rent expense and or transportation expense.

However, online learning lacks the human contact physical classes offer. Physical classes are all about face-to-face interaction and can serve as a platform to meet other students in the same class which is nearly impossible with online learning. The assessment process is also easier and there isn't much room for plagiarism and or cheating.

Even though there is plenty to be said about the benefits to physical classes, it is however indisputable that online learning is the superior method of the two. 

Bringing it closer to home, South Africa. Online versus physical learning in South Africa depends on the level of education whether it's Tertiary education or National Senior Certificate level. For the former, online learning is best for the above stated benefits but for NSC level, physical learning is preferable.

With that said every individual situation is different and therefore decisions on either method of learning should not be taken solely on the contents of this article. It is thus fitting that I pose a question to you, which method of learning is preferable to you and how is it of benefit to you as opposed to the other?

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