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Updated: Mar 4, 2020

So, you did not do well in your matric results. What now? Whether you need to write supplementary exams, or did not sit for all your matric exams, or are a part time NSC candidate, matric rewrite is the next step for you.

Matric rewrite also known as the second chance matric program is at the tip of your fingers. You simply visit the official South African Government page to register, however, improving on your previous matric results depends solely on your dedication to finding help structures, like schools that offer face to face matric rewrite classes, tutoring institutions and online content on the subjects you are interested in.

Please take note of the closing dates as they differ according to the type of exam you want to apply for, whether it's the supplementary exams, senior certificate(amended) examination - written in June, or NSC Examination(part time candidate) - written in November. The registrations for all of these categories are open by the first week of January, visiting the Basic Education Department website might assist in this regard.

Now that you are all set, it is of utmost importance that you realize that herein lies your second chance and decide from the get-go what is it that you want to achieve from it. By how much do you want to improve your results? What are the minimum requirements of the course that you want? Asking such questions will lead you into the right platforms to find all the help you need as you embark on this journey, be it tutors, mentors or professionals in your filed of interest.

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